Razor Reset Backpack Bundle

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This package includes 500 premium blades and 3 pro shave solution bottles delivered to your doorstep every MONTH. 

Our Pro Shave Solution Is meant to compliment hot towel services, beard shaves/services, head shaves, and much more! It includes natural ingredients such as

- Mint Oil

- Tea Tree Oil

- Lemon Protein

- Citrus Fruit Extract

And Much More! This is giving the pores maximum exposure to have a smooth and clean shave every single time!

The best part is it only takes 15 - 30 seconds for this to take full effect from the natural ingredients included in this solution.

We have sold over 2,000+ bottles to barbers and people who enjoy a product to compliment their shaving experience.

If you are concerned about having sensitive skin or working with a client with sensitive skin, this is a GAME CHANGER!

Subscribe To Our "Razor Reset Backpack" Program And Never Worry About Having To Order Blades Or Search For Another Solution Again! It Delivers Every 30 Days!