Formed in 2016, Barber Toolz, LLC [] was created to be the perfect starting spot for any barber. Supplying top quality barber supplies across the industry, we help people to keep their barber store running with the best equipment at the most reliable prices. Quality and quantity matter a great deal for any barber, which is why we make sure you can get the best of both worlds: top quality barber shop supplies in quantities that you can afford!

Before long, what became a skill for necessity became a passion and a love that would soon form to make Barber Toolz, LLC. This is a business fuelled by passion and built upon by love. However, working in the industry, our CEO began to notice the rising and excruciating costs of top quality barber shop supplies. In a bid to try and help alter the industry, he formed Barber Toolz, LLC.

Since then, Barber Toolz, LLC has been developing top quality tools such as straight razors and scissors. Designed to be sharp enough to slice through hair effortlessly and precise enough to never leave any unwanted gifts, our blades are made to be pure, strong and impressive to last over a long period of time.

If you are a barber or hair stylist that would like to re-stock with a new brand off equipment that you can rely upon, Barber Toolz, LLC is here to help. We also cater to people looking for top quality personal products, so if you like to look good at home, too, you are more than welcome to visit our store and find some amazing barber shop equipment to use!
Alongside helping people to follow their stylistic dreams, we also put a lot of work into the local community. Wil is a long-term youth leader and speaker who helps young people to stay inspired and to follow their dreams. Using his expertise and realistic approach to life, he helps to build a sense of togetherness and inner strength in the next generation.

So, if you would like to get your barber supplies from a community-driven, passionately minded specialist who cares about quality, you are in the right place. Barber Toolz, LLC can make getting top quality barbershop materials at fantastic prices so much easier starting today. Thank you for all the support and welcome to the family!

BlackWidow Team