Black Widow® Katai Ki

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      • Appealing and Durable Handle -  The handle features a vintage motif barber pole design that is a symbol of both the old-time and the modern barber industry
      • RUST-RESISTANT and TARNISH-FREE - Made from fine-quality stainless steel, the Black Widow straight edge barber razor is guaranteed to never rust or tarnish even with frequent use. Built with an easy slide-out blade cart as well.
      • FREE 10 Shave Blades and Hygenic - Comes with 10 individually wrapped razor blades (snap in half), making this razor kit value pack a great bargain you don’t want to miss! Our shavette straight razor is ideal for barbers; it allows usage of the new blade for each client. 
      • Safe and Comfortable Grip - Features a durable shank sleeve that secures the razor blade in place and prevents it from slipping while shaving. Our straight edge razor has an ergonomic built where the thumb can rest easily on the shank, the index and middle fingers on top, and the ring finger on the back handle loop.
      • For Precise and Detailed Work - Blade exposure is 1.5mm; great for smooth, detailed work (e.g. mustache and beard shaving). This single edge barber razor is handmade for the best performance. At 2.5 oz, it causes less vibration from the razor blade when shaving. It has a balanced weight to compliment both users who are heavy and light-handed with a razor.